5 Sexy Role-Play Ideas to Spice up Your Sex Routine

Did you have a crush on your former boss, a hot professor in your college or the bold waitress from your local coffee shop? Or, do you feel aroused by the idea of having sex with a complete stranger? Well, then you should try role-playing! Choose your favourite character, get into it and act out your most erotic fantasies. And if you want, our high-class Darwin escorts can help you with that too! Did I tell you that role-playing involves costumes?

Let’s start!

Five Role-Play Ideas

  1. 1. Teacher and student

    Teacher and student role-play

    In this role-play scenario, it’s all about power dynamics. If you had a crush on your teacher, it’s a win-win for you, as you get to enact that scenario in a sexy way. If you are a student, wear a mini skirt and bring an apple to your partner who is your teacher. The teacher can wear normal costumes with specs. But be ready to get spanked if you haven’t done your homework.

  2. 2. Boss and secretary

    boss and secretary fantasy

    If you sleep with your boss, it can be really creepy in real life. But having a role-play with a consensual partner can be really hot.  Are you the secretary? Then dress yourself up in an old blouse that your partner can rip off during your hot love-making session. Are you the boss? Then you can wear a suit. Ties work great too. Do you know what the best part of this scenario is? One of you can give the other one oral sex under a desk. Sounds good?

  3. 3. With a stranger

    sex with a stranger role-play

    Approach your partner like you guys have never met before and are complete strangers to each other. Treat their body like you have never seen before. Look and touch them with all the lust and hotness, so much so that you have sex in the first place. The good thing about this role-play is that there will be no anxiety about who the person is, whom you are sleeping with and can make great use of the time you both are together. In this role-play, you can make use of wigs too.

  4. 4. Doctor and patient

    Doctor and patient role play

    Do you know what the hottest part of this role-play is? Well, it’s the examination. If you are a woman, then let your guy partner play the role of the doctor, while you play the patient. Just let your partner put on a white lab coat. Let him examine your sexy bits, insert his fingers into your vagina and pinch your nipples. The doctor and patient role-play are easy to try, as you can get supplies from your local drug store. Sounds fun?

  5. 5. Criminal and cop

    Criminal and cop role-play

    This role-play falls under BDSM. If you are new to the scene, then with this role-play, you can get familiar with rope play, sensory deprivation and much more. It doesn’t matter if you are playing the role of a dominant or submissive. In case you are dominant, you can spend hours interrogating the criminal and making use of sexy techniques to make them talk.

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