5 Sexy Role-Play Ideas to Spice up Your Sex Routine

Did you have a crush on your former boss, a hot professor in your college or the bold waitress from your local coffee shop? Or, do you feel aroused by the idea of having sex with a complete stranger? Well, then you should try role-playing! Choose your favourite character, get into it and act out your most erotic fantasies. And if you want, our high-class Darwin escorts can help you with that too! Did I tell you that role-playing involves costumes? read more… “5 Sexy Role-Play Ideas to Spice up Your Sex Routine”

Hollywood Sex Icons 5 Sexy Classics

Hollywood Sex Icons can be found throughout the years. Screen queens who have personified glamour, sultriness, and yes, sexuality. They include icons like Rita Hayworth, Jayne Mansfield, Mae West, Jean Harlow, and the all-time sex symbol of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe. read more… “Hollywood Sex Icons 5 Sexy Classics”

Exploring the desires of an Escort

Exploring the desires of an Escort

Each and every one of us is different when it comes to our sexual likes and dislikes, but due to societal taboos, it can be easy to think we should all want the same things. When you are with a romantic partner it can be challenging and embarrassing to express your innermost desires. read more… “Exploring the desires of an Escort”

What’s the best time to have sex?

This is a question Darwin Escorts get asked all the time.

Morning nookie? Afternoon delight? Go for it! While we may be used to having sex in the evening. There is scientifically-backed evidence of the benefits of having sex at different times of the day. read more… “What’s the best time to have sex?”

Importance of High Quality Escort Photos

Importance of High Quality Escort Photos

These days, if someone wishes to hire Darwin Escorts, he won’t come down to have a look at each girl and make his final choice. It’s not like walking into a showroom to pick your favourite car.

Some people would like to see their escort in specially designated places. Like a hotel, venue, or even in their private home. Without paying them a visit first to see if they correspond to their requirements and personal preferences. read more… “Importance of High Quality Escort Photos”