8 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Weekend

Are you wondering how to spice up your life this weekend? Look no further. Give a good read and you can find the best possible solution. We all have once in our lifetime now talked about how to get our boyfriends/girlfriends into bed! We have done our best to seduce them and get into action. Today, we chose a very different topic – how to get yourself into the mood before you book the best Escorts in Darwin from the popular and registered Darwin Brothel.

Let’s take a tour deep down, to know how we can rile up this weekend and make the most of it.


1: Know yourself and your needs

We often try to ignore our inner selves and lack in identifying what we need. It’s now time that we spend some quality time with ourselves over coffee/tea and ask a few questions so that we are clear on what exactly we want. We need to figure out what services we want, how much we are willing to pay, and what kind of partner we are looking for. If we are clear on the three things, the next step is to call a nearby Darwin brothel and book an appointment. The added benefit of Darwin Escorts and Adult services are – you can choose the partner, you get an option to spend time in the lounge, and make yourself comfortable.

2: Read an Erotic Novel

Reading heals your mind and soul while transporting you to a world that you wish to be in. While you are tired after an entire day, but already have your appointment with Escorts in Darwin due in an hour or so, pour yourself a glass of the finest wine and indulge in reading the best erotic novel online or offline. While you shuffle through the lines, you are sure to get transported into your dream world.

You can also put on some comfy clothes, dim the lights, and then page through a hot novel. The racy sex scenes will not only make your heart skip a beat but also turn you on.

3: Find yourself a cosy warm bath corner

After whole days of toil and turmoil, naturally, your sexual desires are tired too. Give it a good start, and help your mind relax a bit. Prepare the bathtub – pour in some lukewarm or bubbly water, throw in a lovely bath bomb, and light a few scented candles. Fill your glass with some white or rose wine and retire into the water.

Slipping into this prepared aromatic environment can help your tensions melt away in some time. You can then concentrate and let your brain wander in the sexy land of your bed, and ponder what you will do next with your partner. If your lady is nearby, you can also decide what you want to do with yourself, while you are in the pool and just when she joins you in a while. Lovely, isn’t it?

4: Watch Movies with Hot Scenes

It is always best to choose a romantic movie and help your mind and body relax. There’s nothing more wonderful than planning to watch a movie where you can witness your lovers, two individuals touching and cuddling in the best possible way. While the onscreen couples/lovers touch each other here and there and everywhere is sure to leave you amidst the best possible sexual feeling wherein you will drive your partner and yourself into the best possible orgasm.

5: Call in your sexual fantasy

While you are relaxing in the bathtub with some wine and bubbling water, you can go for a stroll down your memory lane. Walk the lanes that store your deepest and darkest sexual fantasies.  Relive them once again and you are sure to experience the best bedtime with your partner. Peek deep into your sexual archives where you can recall a particularly hot sex romp or you can just come up with new sexual desires. Trust yourself and your imagination is sure to fill you up with sexy surprises all the time.

6: Lotion up and cuddle

If by now you have your sexy imagination in place, wait for your partner to arrive.  Call him/her into the shower, dance, kiss, and cuddle each other. After you both slip out of the shower ask your partner to rub your favourite aromatic lotion starting from your lower back, legs, and even your butt cheek. While he/she does that focus on your favourite part of your body – your breasts or the penis ( depending on the sex of the person reading this article). Give it a little attention and you are all ready to jump into the bed and start your sexual activities in your favourite position.

7: Book your Girl in advance

While you are looking for ways to spice up your weekend, do complete your research well in advance. It is easy to find Darwin Brothels, you just need to choose the lady you want. If it is an outcall, you can do all the 6 above while you are waiting for her to arrive and take you to cloud 9.

8: Ask your partner and know your favourite position

Making up with your partner is an art and you need to master it. While you both are now naked, have a quick conversation about the position you are comfortable in and enjoy your happy ending.

Start touching each other here and there and EVERYWHERE.  Slowly sink into your favourite position giving yourself the best gift ever.

While you read this and make the most of it on your next visit to Darwin, make sure you share your thoughts with us, in the comment section.

Do the above racy activities get you in the mood? What else do you do to make your orgasm time last longer? What are your experiences and expectations while you book adult services in Darwin?

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