Super-Hot Sex Positions to Have Multiple Orgasms

Who doesn’t like to have mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasms? And how about double that fun and have multiple orgasms?

Did you know that more than 50 percent of women have reported that they have experienced multiple orgasms in a row?

So, how can you have more than one orgasm at once?

Let me give you a tip. Try experimenting with masturbation – the more, the better! When you masturbate, you will get a good understanding of what works best for you and what doesn’t. As you are alone while masturbating, you can focus on things that can heighten your pleasure. The scenario is totally different when you have sex with your partner, as you need to take care of their pleasure too. Isn’t it? So, in order to have super-hot multiple orgasms, all you have to do is practice and practice!

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Now, let me tell you something more about orgasms. Did you know that if you already had your first orgasm, it would be much easier for you to have your second orgasm?

Suppose you took twenty minutes to cum for the first time. So, for the second orgasm, you don’t need that much time to cum. The best you can do is start stimulating your clit again after a couple of minutes.

Just remember one thing, dear. Don’t try too hard, and don’t take stress if you are unable to orgasm more than once on your first try. Our bodies are different, and our orgasms are different too. So, if it doesn’t work for the first time, maybe you need to change the technique a little bit.

Now, let me come to the sex positions. Did I tell you what I like the most about these positions?

People of all genders and all sexualities can try them!

Excited already? Let’s get started!


1: Doggie Style

Face the bed and get down on your knees. Your hands will touch the bed too. Ask your partner to kneel behind you. Ask him to wrap his hands around your waist. This will give him a firm grip. His other hand can rub your clit and fasten the process of having a toe-curling orgasm!

Take a pillow and place it under your belly. This will help in keeping the position intact. Then, when he penetrates you, it will be a full penetration – ideal for having more than one orgasm.

As your hands are free and you can touch your clitoris, I suggest using your hands to stimulate your clit. Of course, you can make use of toys too. In the meantime, your partner can pleasure you by playing with your nipples.

2: The Kitchen Counter

Want to have multiple orgasms? Stimulate your G-spot. Yes! But you don’t know where your G-spot is, right? In that case, what you need to do is try as many angles of penetration as you can. So, send your same old sex routine to the back seat and let new and exciting sex positions take the front seat.

How about having sex in the kitchen?

To start with it, sit on the kitchen countertop while your partner stands before you. Now wrap your partner with both your legs and start kissing him passionately.

The best part about this sex position is that you get to play with yourself, increasing the chances of your orgasm. And your partner will get more chances to rub against your G-spot while he penetrates.

The Kitchen Counter

3: Reverse Cowgirl

Does your partner love your back? Then he is going to love this position for sure. This position lets your partner have an amazing view of your naked back.

The best part?

It allows your partner to penetrate you – deeply – perfect for having multiple orgasms! Ask your partner to lie down while you sit on him with your back facing his face. You need to work your pelvis back and forth against the testicles and legs of your partner. Doing so will give your clit all the stimulation that it needs and take you to a heaven of pleasure.

Did I tell you that this position lets you try out a lot of positions?

If you want to grind against his thighs, ask him to pull up his knees. And show some love to your clit too. This will let you have mind-blowing orgasms – again and again. Of course, you can also try this sex position with our private girls in Darwin.

4: Take Me Now

Do you want to go for a sex position that offers maximum exposure but minimal eye contact?

Try this position. And the cherry on the top is that you get to have orgasms – one after one. Sound good?

Arch your back and lie on your stomach while your back is exposed and up in the air. Ask your partner to give you oral from behind while rubbing your clit with his hand. If you want it to be more intense, ask your partner to slide his fingers inside you.

This sex position creates a sense of trust between you and your partner. And once you are satisfied from having multiple orgasms, you can play some erotic sex games too. This can lead to another round of passionate sex!

Take Me Now

5: Legs Eleven

Lie down facing up. Now, put your legs up. This sex position is perfect for trying on your bed, kitchen table or sofa. While you try this position, just make sure that your partner’s pelvis is in line with your vagina.

As your legs are up, when your partner enters you, he will penetrate you deeply, which is needed for having an orgasm.

Want to make things more interesting? Make use of organic lube. This will make the penetration smooth and satisfying.

You can try all these exciting sex positions with our private girls in Darwin and have an amazing evening. So, why wait? Visit our Darwin gentleman’s club today!

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