Setting the mood – 7 do’s and don’ts to follow

Are you in Darwin and interested to find Darwin escorts who can spice up your weekend? Is anyone looking for ways to make your weekends even more special? After every day’s toil, the weekend seems to be a good time to relax, make out, and make your partner feel special. But above all of these the fact is you need to motivate yourself first. Thus to help you put that small but much-needed effort, we have simplified the problem for you and found an easy possible solution.

Here’s your list of things to be kept in mind and tally while you want to book escorts in Darwin :

1: Sensual sights are a must


It is important to make the room or space you are willing to use for the action well decked. For example, you can use candles to improve the sensual sight of it. Candles are romantic and that soft glow can help you explore the best parts of your partner’s body. Using a scented massage oil candle makes things livelier and the molten wax can be used to heat things up between you and your partner.


The critical part is you shouldn’t leave it burning and get swayed away. Busting the fire extinguisher and losing your favourite curtain is surely not something that you would like.

While you are looking for the High-Class Escort Agency in Darwin you are sure to witness such magic.

Candles can turn up the heat

2: Music heals your soul and turns up the heat in your body


Have your favourite song playing in the background or make your partner share a list of songs that he or she likes. Create a playlist with all soft and sensual tones. Just click the play button to have you going till orgasms hit you. In case, you do not have time to look for albums of singers online and have them played.


You must not ever rely on radios. There are two reasons why –

  • You might land up hearing a song you hate and this will ruin the entire mood setting up a game.
  • Unnecessary advertisements or RJ talks can be of no use except being a distraction.


3: Delights for taste buds


Experts say you can try various flavoured treats for your partner and yourself. You can sprinkle the same on your partner’s body and have a fun time licking them. Just be sure you are licking that part of the body your partner loves you to tickle. These treats are available online. Explore your mouth to offer your partner the best experience ever.


You must not try some real food. While you will love licking that chocolate or love being licked while having the perfect foreplay in action, yeasts will love it too. This will lead to unnecessary infections and you will of course not enjoy this later.

4: Dressing up


It is always advisable to wear something that makes you feel confident and sexy. If you are no longer interested in lingerie, wearing your boyfriend’s shirt with just a few buttons in use and a heel will make the mood ten times sexier.


You should refrain yourself or your partner from wearing something that has a lot of hooks, clasps, bows or is complicated to open. This will ruin the mood and you will end up opening the same without enjoying it.

Dress up well

5: Funs and Games


It is always fun to add some games for that sexy night. Buy some bedroom toys to spice up your relationship and flaunt your adventurous side of yours. You are also free to invent your games and go by your own rules of course.


You should never rush things while you are introducing sex toys in your bedroom sessions. It is always important to find out the stage of your relationship and make sure both of you are comfortable enough and agree to it.

Also, you should not try being competitive.  The whole point of these games is to make sure you are connecting, communicating and making things happen between you and your partner.

6: Share your fantasies beforehand


We all have our own deep and dark fantasies of course. Why keep it to yourself while you are interested in indulging in some spiced up weekend. Share your thoughts and need with your partner. You both need to agree to this point and begin exploring.


You should never try to make your partner feel uncomfortable.  It is always important to make things happen both ways. There’s no competition and we all need to be winners in the end (if you know what I mean).

7: Text messages to drive him wild


How about leaving these short and simple texts to your partner –

“Quads, calves and glutes feeling sore from yesterday’s run…want to give me a rub down later?”

“Just read about some new blow job tips. Can’t wait to try them out tonight!”

“Office is super busy today—maybe you can help me de-stress by doing that thing with your tongue when I get home?”

“Brr! Still super cold from the morning commute, you can warm me up tonight, right?”

Well, these are just awesome, isn’t it? Make yourself comfortable sending flirty texts. You can have your own code language or a nickname to trigger that feeling in your partner.


You should never try sending long texts that take time to read and fathom what it is all about. You should also not use complex words thus making your partner do a dictionary or google search every now and then. This will spoil the mood and make him feel less interested.

Apart from all that is discussed above, there are a few more don’ts that you should keep in mind –

  • You should never force your partner
  • Do not make your partner feel uncomfortable with your fantasies.
  • No rough language. Use dirty ones to lit her/him up.
  • You should both agree on the points before plunging into action.


High-Class Escort Agency in Darwin make sure you have the best of all experience always. It is said that waiting is the most difficult part. To make it easier and save the action time from ruining you should follow all the do’s and don’ts discussed here.

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